New Hope Christian School


Happy Campers Summer Adventure

June 3-August 1   

9:00 - 3:00 Mon-Thur

Toddlers Class (18-24 months)
Two Spots available on Tuesday and Thursday

3 year  - 1 spot available on all days

Older Pre-K
2 spots M/W/Th

 Al other classes Are Full as of June 13, 2019
Please call the office to be placed on a waiting list
It is very common for spaces to come available in July

Preschool Program 2019-2020

August 14, 2019 - May 21, 2020

Toddler's - Class is FULL

Younger Two's - 1 space available, M/W/F

 Older 2's - 1 Space available, M/T

3's -  1 Space available all 5 days

Transition 3/4 class - 3 spaces on MWF (T/Th is full)

Pre K Four's - All days available

 Pre-K Five's - 1 space available on M/Th/F

Kindergarten - All days available

Please call for more information about our program, to schedule time to visit the school, and if needed, to be put on a waiting list.   

Thank you for considering

New Hope for your child's care and education!

Updated July 15, 2019