New Hope Christian School

Programs offered at New Hope

New Hope works with different companies to offer extra programs at our school! These programs are available for sign up (paid for by the parent)

For the 2020-2021 School Year we are not offering "pull-out" programming which mixes children from different classes.

We are however, providing music enrichment for all classes!

Amazing Athletes

Amazing Athletes provides a year-round, structured curriculum that introduces children to 9 different ball sports and helps them to master 7 key areas of motor-development. Children in our program will learn to identify and locate 10 different muscles and distinguish the purpose of vitamins and minerals in their fruits and vegetables.

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Offered on Fridays

The Dance Station

Taught by experienced preschool instructors, the Dance Station offers ballet, tap, modern dance, and tumbling lessons each week of the school year at New Hope.

Offered on Tuesdays